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Tournament FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: In which venue do we play matches?
A: We do not know where the teams are playing until the match schedule is ready.

Q: When is the match Schedule ready?
A: The schedule will be released approximately 2 weeks before the start of the tournament.

Q: Will the venue change during the day?
A: We strive to avoid changing the venue during the day.

Q: When do matches end on the last day of the tournament?
A: The program on the last day of the tournament varies from tournament to tournament, but the last matches are generally played between 5pm and 6pm. For Swedish teams, we will promise you to be able to catch the boat to Stockholm on Sunday (if two day tournament)

Q: When should players be added to the player list?
A: Players must be added no later than 07:00 on the first day of the tournament

Q: Can I customize my player list during the tournament?
A: The player list can only be modified during the tournament by the tournament office.

Q: Does the team need to have numbered jerseys?
A: Yes. We keep statistics in the tournament, so the referee must be able to know who scored or assisted

Q: Can I rent numeric vests in the hall?
A: Yes, but we have only a limited amount of vests in our halls.

Q: Can I get an invoice for the payments?
A: Yes, you can download invoice at torneopal.

Q: Can a player play in multiple teams in a tournament?
A: A player can represent only one team per category/age group.

Q: Can I transfer my Attendee Pass to another player during the tournament?
A: No, attendee pass is personal and new player needs own attendee pass if he/she attends in the middle of tournament.

Q: Do the teams coach, physio etc. need to have Attendee Pass?
A: All the members of the team (including officials and players) must have a Attendee Pass.


Q: When to order?
A: It is best to order meals when the match schedule is ready so that the meals can match between games.

Q: How are meals paid?
A: Meals are paid via Torneopal once the booking is confirmed.

Q: Can I buy tournament food at the venue?
A: Tournament meals are ordered by prior arrangement, so we cannot promise that tournament meals will be available locally.

Q: Can I buy something else than sandwiches or hot dogs in the venue?
A: During tournaments, it is possible to have some meals, but this should always be asked on site.

Q: I have a severe food allergy, Can I bring my own food to the freezer?
A: Yes, you can pack your food in an airtight container so there is no risk of contamination.


Q: Can we choose the hotel where we stay?
A: Yes, if there is still rooms left. When you order the accommodation in Torneopal, we will be in touch with you via email. We will ask the hotel you prefer and reserve you rooms there, IF there is still rooms left. We have limited amount of rooms available in different hotels and we will reserve the rooms in order of registration.

Q: Can we choose our own rooming at the hotel?
A:  Yes. When we contact you about the accommodation, we will ask the rooming you prefer. Just to remind, we have limited amount of rooms in each hotel, so we can’t guarantee that the rooming will be exactly as you wish.

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